Meta-Programming with Scala Part I: Addition

This is the code for the blog entry Meta-Programming with Scala Part I: Addition

package michid;

object Metaaddition {
// Church encoding of natural numbers
type _0[s[_], z] = z
type _1[s[_], z] = s[z]
type _2[s[_], z] = s[s[z]]
type _3[s[_], z] = s[s[s[z]]]

// Addition for this encoding
type plus[m[s[_], z], n[s[_], z], s[_], z] = n[s, m[s, z]]

abstract class Zero
abstract class Succ[T]

// Use of infix notation for more convinient syntax
type +[m[s[_], z], n[s[_], z]] = plus[m, n, Succ, Zero]

// See
def nullval[T] = null.asInstanceOf[T];

trait Rep[T] {
def eval: int

implicit def toRep0(n: Zero) = new Rep[Zero] {
def eval = 0

implicit def toRepN[T](n: Succ[T])(implicit f: T => Rep[T]) = new Rep[Succ[T]] {
def eval = f(nullval[T]).eval + 1

def depth[T <% Rep[T]](n: T) = n.eval def main(args: Array[String]) { type two = _2[Succ, Zero] println(depth(nullval[two])) // prints 2 println(depth(nullval[_2 + _2])) // prints 4 println(depth(nullval[_2 + _3])) // prints 5 } } [/sourcecode]


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