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3 02 2009
David Page


I am doing some work with Chromium, and I think you have posted a few patches in 2006 to the Chromium dev group with regards to Windows XP.

In particular, I am having trouble with CR 1.9 and Windows XP hanging with symptoms similar to your post:


I am not seeing the patch that your recommended:


…in the CR 1.9 code. Did that patch get rolled in? If not, do you have a clean version of the file tcpip.c that I can drop into my CR 1.9? I’m not able to use the diff info very well.

Are you still working with Chromium?

Best regards,


3 02 2009

Hmm this is a project from my previous life 😉

No, I’m not working with Chromium anymore. The above patch never made it into the code since I seemed to be the only one suffering from that problem. Also the patch is a workaround for something which is presumably a rare bug in Windows’ network stack.

I think you are best off by applying the patch to the respective revision of tcpip.c and then manually port it to the head revision.


4 02 2009
David Page


Just wanted to say thanks. I pulled in your patch and made some other mods. Works like a charm. I’ve been running my app through Chromium for about 14 hours continuously now. No hangs.

Best regards,


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