Json Jerk: a flexible JSON parser

9 12 2011

I just pushed Json Jerk to Github. Json Jerk is a flexible and fast JSON parser written in Java. It consists of several composable parts for tokenizing, (un)escaping, parsing, and handling of semantic actions. Furthermore it provides a light weight and type safe object model for JSON documents.

Details and examples are in the readme and in the test cases.

Update:I renamed the parser from Flex Json to Json Jerk due to a name clash with an existing project.



3 responses

10 12 2011
Charlie Hubbard

Hi Michid,

I’m the author of http://flexjson.sourceforge.net/ which is also a JSON library for Java that was created in 2007. I couldn’t help but notice your library is also being called flex-json which is confusing being that name is already in use. I’d like it if you’d consider renaming your library to keep the confusion between these two libraries. Bear in mind your library can’t differentiate itself if it uses an already recognized name. Please email me if you have any questions.


11 12 2011

@Charlie: sorry for that. As you can see I just renamed the parser to Json Jerk.

11 12 2011
Charlie Hubbard

Thank you very much for renaming it. Best of luck to you in the future.

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